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atHeart Medical is looking for a dynamic and engaging Clinical Specialist based near a major US airport (Charlotte, Atlanta, Detroit, Minnesota, Chicago, Denver) to help drive progression of our US pivotal clinical trial program.

The Clinical Specialist is a crucial member of the Clinical Field Operations team and is responsible for providing technical guidance at product and study level, working closely with other departments.

atHeart Medical was founded to establish the first transcatheter septal occluder with a metal-free frame, as the new standard of care for atrial septal defects (ASD). We want patients with ASDs to be treated with a device that keeps more transseptal treatment options open for their future. Our name embeds our values: in everything we do, we have clinical excellence and patients at heart.

We are conducting the US FDA-approved ASCENT ASD pivotal trial in the USA and in Europe, to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of our reSept ASD Occluder to treat patients with clinically significant ASD.

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