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The reSept ASD Occluder is featuring as a potentially ideal treatment approach for Atrial Septal Defects (ASDs) in an extensive article by Professor Thomas K Jones, Senior Congenital Interventional Cardiologist Seattle Children’s Hospital, in the latest issue of Congenital Cardiology Today.

The article entitled “The Bioresorbable reSept™ ASD Occluder: Moving Closer to the Ideal” covers in remarkable detail the history and latest progress in Atrial Septal Defects treatment, from the very first open-heart operation in 1954 to today’s ongoing clinical trial of atHeart Medical’s reSept ASD Occluder.

According to Professor Jones, “interventional cardiologists have expressed a need for ASD occluders to be bioresorbable. The ability of the rigid framework of an occluder to be gradually reabsorbed during the healing response was identified as a highly desirable attribute by key opinion leaders and the pioneers of transcatheter ASD occlusion since 1990”.

The article illustrates the inclusion and exclusion criteria of the FDA-approved clinical study ASCENT ASD trial and lists the 19 participating centers in the USA and in France.

For the full article, please click here