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Ella suffered from migraine and severe fatigue as a teenager and now has a new life at college following her ASD closure, as part of the ASCENT ASD trial. Her uplifting story has been reported in Advance With MUSC Health, the online blog by Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), the ASCENT-ASD trial center where her procedure was performed.

In the article entitled “Undoing Ella’s suffering”, her mother and treating clinicians recall how her impairing ASD symptoms have been misdiagnosed and mistreated during her teenage years, leaving her sleeping through school. It was her mother’s sixth sense and determination that eventually triggered the right diagnosis and treatment by cardiologist John Rhodes at MUSC.

About joining a trial for a novel ASD occluder device, Ella said: “I was pretty excited. I liked the idea of it, something new and innovative. I really didn’t have any hesitations about it.” Overall, Ella’s symptoms have improved since her procedure in March 2022, states the article.

“Ella is excited to be going to school in Charleston, to be a part of the study and close to Dr Rhodes,” said her mother Erica. “She feels so much better having gotten the procedure done. I’m delighted she’s so happy. Ella is a different person, living her best life.”

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